Roasted veggies and pasta

Roasted Veggies and Pasta

Recipe Notes

This is a weekly staple in our house. Whatever veggies are local and in season make it into our oven for this simple yet delicious meal. A dinner the whole family loves!


* hint: you can finely chop kale, spinach, chard and mix in the bowl with other veggies and it will roast nicely

Optional toppings:

Baby/toddler food idea: Bake veggies a little longer, then puree for baby or cut into finger food type pieces for toddler. Cook pasta well done and puree with veggies for baby or cut into small pieces for toddler


Preheat oven to 450. Wash and cut veggies into large pieces. Place in bowl with oil or veggie broth, dash of salt, and pepper.

Bake on parchment lined cookie sheet for 20-25 minutes or until veggies are golden brown. It's okay to have different veggies together since it's adds a depth of textures with some more cooked that others. If you prefer each one to be cooked exactly then separate and cook each on a different pan. While the veggies are baking, cook the pasta. Toss veggies and pasta together and top with toppings of choice.