Raw Marinara Sauce

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Raw uncooked tomato marinara

The “raw” world always made me skeptical. I mean, how good can uncooked food really taste right? Wrong. This marinara I threw together had me blown away. It all started with a picture I saw on Facebook from The Simple Veganista, her raw vegetable pasta. It looked so good and so refreshing on the warm day we were having, not to mention I love how she names her raw meals, so I decided to jump with two feet in and create a fully raw meal of my own. I ordered a spiralizer, which has since been the love of my life, and got to planning.

Raw uncooked tomato marinara

The first thing I needed was a marinara. I liked the idea of using sun dried tomatoes like the Marina’raw’ (see what I mean?!) from The Simple Veganista, so I started there. And then magic happened. I used thyme as my herb because I love it in my cooked marinara sauces, threw in some green onions for flavor, and a few other spices along with fresh tomatoes. Holy wow did it turn out delicious! There was so much flavor, I couldn’t believe it was raw. It’s so easy to make too, which makes this discovery that much sweeter. Plus, I even put it on pizza so I know it’s just as good warm. See for yourself and whip some up! But make double because you’ll be sad to see it go…

Raw Tomato Marinara

  • Servings: Makes about 2 cups
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One taste of this raw tomato marinara and you’ll rethink all doubts about raw cuisine. The flavor that these fresh ingredients come together to create will leave your tastebuds dancing.


note: Any tomato varieties work here, but the sweeter they are the better the taste will be. You can substitute fresh garlic but it will have a more pungent taste.


Place all ingredients in a food processor, blender or high speed blender and mix until pureed into a sauce like consistency. Taste seasonings and add more to reach desired taste.

Raw uncooked tomato marinara

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    • veggiesdontbite says

      Hi Miriam! Id suggest more regular tomatoes. The sundried just add a touch of a deeper flavor with keeping the raw factor. You could also achieve a similar deep flavor with a touch of tomato paste but it wouldn’t be totally raw. Id start with a tablespoon and see. But regular tomatoes would work too! If you don’t care about it being totally raw you could also add roasted tomatoes. Let me know what you try and how it worked!


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