Low Fat Creamy Mashed Chickpea and Veggie Sandwich

Fully loaded creamy mashed chickpea and veggie sandwich

The mashed chickpea sandwich, a vegan staple and mock version of traditional tuna. Up until now, I have been forced to use mayo or other oil filled condiment in order to get that creaminess I craved. Either that or mix in hummus to make up for the lack of creaminess, but it was never the same as a really creamy base. Not any more! Enter chickpea brine, the most recent craze in the vegan foodie world. I’m not really sure who started this craze, but I have seen it all over. Chickpea brine has been making it’s way around in vegan desserts as a main ingredient in achieving the perfect vegan meringue. I’ve also seen it as a marshmallow type cream, and other creamy sweet condiments. Truth be told, that all scares me. I have never been a fan of beans in my desserts. In all fairness, I haven’t tried many, but that’s mostly because the ones I have tried have not been good. I can detect that bean taste easily, so for now I am putting the sweet bean idea on the side. However, as I was making another batch of mashed chickpeas, and dreading the decision of whether I went creamy with mayo or healthy and drier without, the idea hit me like a freight train! Of course! Brine! Thank goodness I hadn’t drained my can of beans yet. So I collected some brine and off I went to experiment with fingers crossed I had found my answer to creamy mayo free sandwiches!

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Barbecue Tahini power bowl with spinach, swiss chard or kale and potatoes, beans, brown rice, spring onions and avocado

BBQ Tahini Power Bowl

I read an article recently that said food blog readers don’t really care what the blogger has to say in their post, they skip directly to the recipe. Well, point taken, so I’m going to make this post short and sweet: YOU NEED TO MAKE THE BBQ TAHINI SAUCE AND SLATHER IT OVER THIS POWER…

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Barbecue tahini sauce

Barbecue Tahini Sauce

I like barbecue. I like sauces with tahini. So why not combine the two?? I don’t know!!! One day it just hit me. So I did it…and it was amazing! Simple whole food ingredients are combined to make this incredibly versatile sauce. It’s mostly tahini based, with a homemade barbecue twist, versus a barbecue sauce with a…

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